Queens Gal 2

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Original acrylic painting by Aimee Hofmann 

This series was inspired by nostalgia of the past, specifically growing up in Queens, NY during the 80's, the carefree "golden" era of the artist's youth.  It is mainly the  memories of little moments of time that leave imprints in our minds.  

The use of varying paint consistencies and techniques result in organic, imperfect details.  Multiple layers of acrylics and hand torn paper are built upon one another which show the juxtaposition of rigid edges alongside jagged edges and free-flowing fluids.  "Queens Gal" features hues in mint, blues, white, peach, blush & fluro pink, green, yellow, magenta and orange. 

24" x 30" 

* Painted on canvas.

* Finished with varnish protectant. 

* Signed on by the artist.

* A certificate of authenticity will be provided.