Neuchâtel triptych: 1, 2 & 3

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Original acrylic paintings by Aimee Hofmann.

This triptych features free, flowing brushstrokes in refreshing hues of sky blue, mint, green, grey and white.  This series was inspired by our vacations in beautiful Switzerland, especially our day trips to Lake Neuchâtel.  The aqua rivers swiftly flow through the fields.  In the backdrop, there is a constant view of the white snow-capped Alps against blue skies and white/grey clouds.  The crystal-clear, mint lake is surrounded by lush, green hills, valleys and trees.  Pieces can also be purchased separately.  See Neuchâtel 1, Neuchâtel 2 and Neuchâtel 3. 

24” x 30"

* Painted on stretched canvas.

* Finished with varnish protectant. 

* Artwork is signed by the artist.

* A certificate of authenticity will be provided.