Over the Borderline 1

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 Original acrylic painting by Aimee Hofmann.

"Over the Borderline 1" features swirls and abstract shapes in hues of mint, blues, green, yellow, greys, blush/floro pinks and magenta. 

I express the the brighter memories of the past, specifically nostalgia of the 80’s, the carefree era of my youth.  The colors, energy and playfulness from the Golden Age of pop culture are evident in my work.  My hometown, Queens, is a large part of who I am and is reflected in this piece.  Queens is a patchwork of diverse, unique 'hoods.  Layers of diverse cultures are built upon each other.  The collage of colorful awnings, exotic flavors, sounds of punk rock/hip hop, architectural shapes of train stations/bridges and vibrant graffiti all contribute to Queens’ disheveled, urban and colorful beauty. 

 24” X 30”

* Painted on  canvas

* Finished with varnish protectant

* Signed by the artist

* Certificate of authenticity