Blue Crush

Feel the summer vacation vibes with the “Blue Crush" Collection.  

* The small works on paper feature free, flowing brushstrokes in refreshing hues of ocean-blue, sky-mint and pops of sandy-yellow.  Do you hear the waves crashing and the warm sun beating down on your face?  

*  The Neuchâtel series features free, flowing brushstrokes/shapes in refreshing hues of blue, mint, green, grey and white.  This series was inspired by our vacations in beautiful Switzerland.  The aqua rivers are constantly flowing through the fields.  As the clouds move in and out, they make way for the view of the white snow-capped Alps against blue skies.  We especially have memories of our time at Lake Neuchâtel.  Time stands still when we are surrounded by the vast, crystal clear mint lake in the center of lush, green hills, valleys and trees.