Small Collection

* NEW:  The "Moonlight Bouquet" series (9" x 12" acrylic on heavy-weight canvas paper) feature abstract florals in hues of blue with pops of yellow, coral-tangerine and forest green. They each come with a WHITE WOOD FRAME, ready to hang or display on a shelf.   

* Each piece of the "Jingle" series has tons of texture and hues in every color 🌈.  The paintings (11" x 14" acrylic on stretched canvas) are topped with minty snow-colored paint and embellished with gold foil!    

* The "Abstract Paper" series (12" X 18" acrylic on heavy-weight canvas paper) feature interesting compositions and tons of vibrance!  Mix and match these pops of color any way that makes you happy!  

* The "Tropical Small" series (11" x 14" acrylic on canvas panel boards) feature abstract images inspired by nature, i.e., fruits, flowers and butterflies!