You, My Brown Eyed Girl 2

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Original acrylic painting by Aimee Hofmann.

"You, My Brown Eyed Girl" is a fine balance between a magnetic, yet subdued piece that features vibrant hues in blush pinks, magenta, burnt sienna, green, yellow and warm earth tones.  This piece is embellished with gold metal leaf.  

Nostalgia of the past, specifically, the carefree, innocent era of my youth, leave vivid imprints in my mind.  Layers are built upon one another to show every stage of the piece’s era.  Just as art imitates life, our past experiences and evolution are important elements that make up who we are.

20” X 20”

* Painted on  canvas.

* Finished with varnish protectant. 

* Artwork is signed by the artist.

* A certificate of authenticity will be provided.